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Derek Course – 1972 Suzuki LJ20 Open
Derek Course - 1972 Suzuki LJ20 Open

Derek Course – 1972 Suzuki LJ20 Open

Filed in Suzuki LJ20 by on April 29, 2017 • views: 523

Owner: Derek Course Location: Puyallup, Washington Vehicle: 1972 Suzuki LJ20 open Engine/Transmission: 1997 Mazda 2.3L with 5-speed Transfercase: 1987 Samurai t-case with TG 6.5:1 gears, custom 3-point mount system Axles: Front: 1987 Samurai with stock 3.73:1 gears, lock right locker, TT Double tough axles/birfs, CC Highsteer, fully trussed from ball to ball, Knuckle ball gussets, […]


1979 Suzuki LJ81 Micro-Overlander views: 78

This 1979 Suzuki LJ81 is owned by Joe and Dana Marshall who run Mule Expedition Outfitters in Washington State. They refer to it as their micro overlander, a fitting name given its size and modifications. The 1979 LJ81 was a pickup produced by Suzuki, and was based on the SJ20 model that preceded the SJ30 Samurai. They […]

1995 Sidekick 4-Door Daily Driver views: 1657

Looking for an economical family adventure vehicle that gets 20-25 MPG? This 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4-door was built to be just that. The vehicle was purchased for $3,700 with 70,000 miles on it. It was then lifted with Old Man Emu OME962 springs in the front, which are actually designed for the front of a 1999+ Grand […]

1987 Samurai Rock Crawler views: 2065

This is a great example of the modifications people can do to turn these Samurai’s in to true offroad warriors. This Samurai now rides on a Diamond front axle with a Toyota center section, and a Toyota Tacoma rear axle. Both have 5.29 gears and spools permanently locking the axles. Combine that with a Toyota […]

1987 Long Wheelbase Suzuki Samurai views: 2288

Many hardcore Samurai owners have stretched out their wheelbase to make them longer, and more capable on the trail. But did you know that the Samurai came as a long wheelbase? While the stock Samurai has a short 80-inch wheelbase, the long wheelbase (LWB) Samurai came with a 94-inch wheelbase, making it more appealing to […]