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1995 Sidekick 4-Door Daily Driver
1995 Sidekick 4-Door Daily Driver

1995 Sidekick 4-Door Daily Driver

Filed in Suzuki Sidekick by on May 28, 2017 • views: 3339

Looking for an economical family adventure vehicle that gets 20-25 MPG? This 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4-door was built to be just that. The vehicle was purchased for $3,700 with 70,000 miles on it. It was then lifted with Old Man Emu OME962 springs in the front, which are actually designed for the front of a 1999+ Grand […]


4Wheel & Off-Road Magazines Suzuki Equator views: 37

In 2009, 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine took a newly released Suzuki Equator, and decided to see if they could improve on its off-road capabilities. Since there wasn’t a suspension kit available for the Equator, they decided to created one. Luckily, the Equator has the same chassis as the 2005-and-newer Nissan Frontier and Xterra. The project’s suspension is […]

Off-Road Magazines Suzuki Equator views: 66

In 2009, Off-Road Magazine teamed up with Suzuki to see what they could create from a stock 2009 Suzuki Equator. They started with the optional RMZ-4 off-road package that includes a strong Dana 44 rear axle, Bilstein front and rear shocks, skid plates covering the oil pan, transfer case and fuel tank, 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped […]

1987 Suzuki Samurai Blue Trail Slayer views: 204

A customer named Terry McGinnis started this project in 2009. It was purchased from the previous owner for $400 after it had an engine fire. Terry decided to create the ultimate rock crawler. Receipts show that this 1987 “Sammy” has had about $25,000 worth of parts and labor not including the cost of the engine. […]

Tim Hardy – Samurai Guru views: 2810

In the world of Suzuki Samurais, there isn’t a bigger name than Tim Hardy. He didn’t receive that title by building the most over-the-top ‘Zuks, but rather by taking moderately, and often cleverly, built-ones and doing amazing feats. He is known for showing us the first ‘virtual lift’ by fitting 35-inch tires on a Samurai by […]