Distributor Oil Leaks

The most common oil leak comes from the distributor housing o-ring against the back of the head. It is a hard to find replacement and cannot just be found at your local parts store. Another common oil leak comes from your distributor housing o-ring. Get new o-rings from one of these companies:



(Distributor Case O-Ring)

(Distributor O-Ring)

The oil is usually leaking from the distributor housing.

The fix is to:

1) Remove the distributor (Instructions)

2) Remove and discard the old o-ring

3) Place a bead of silicone in the o-ring groove

    a) You can also get a new O-ring from one of the companies listed above.

4) Reinstall the distributor

The other O-ring is on the distributor and can be replaced while you have the distributor out.