Geo Tracker Solid Axle Swap (SAS)


This mod netted me almost 5-inches of lift in the front.

Parts needed:

  • Samurai front axle with required tracker gears installed in third (5.13s in my case)
  • Samurai leaf springs installed SPUA
  • Shackles (stock or home brew)
  • Samurai tie rod and drag link
  • Wheel spacers or offset front wheels (I chose wheel spacers)
  • (2) leaf spring hangers for fixed end of leaf spring
  • (2) shackle end leaf spring bushing tubes (I used 5/8″ x 3/4″ rod ends instead)


Step 1 – Cut out out all the IFS, including the crossmember

Step 2 – Remove the “horn” from the frame arch and plate.

Step 3 – Box/plate the frame where the new spring hangers will be welded

Step 4 – Slide the Samurai axle/leaf spring assembly under the front

Step 5 – Bolt up the existing Tracker front driveshaft to the axle, leaving 1/2″ of compression

Step 6 – Plumb the axle in the wheel wells

Step 7 – Weld spring hangers to the newly boxed section of frame

Step 8 – Install front frame side shackle bushing tube. This step will vary depending on what going on with your front end. The existing frame rails can simply be extended 2-inches with some 2×4 box and the bushing tube welded to the bottom. My bumper was already in place. I used rod ends, only because I had them on hand and didn’t have any suitable tubing.

Step 9 – Cut and sleeve the Samurai drag link to the proper length.

Step 10 – Fabricate mounts and install shocks (I used s10 rear shocks, 9-inches of travel. Setup with 4-inches up travel, 5-inches down)

Step 11 – Add wheel spacers and wheel.

Here are the pics. Sorry, they do not reflect the order of the above steps.