Replacing The Soft Top – 1988-94 Tracker / Sidekick

Installation Instructions For: GEO Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick & Vitara 1988 – 1994

BesTop Part Number: BesTop 51362-15 Black Replace-a-Top

Installation Tips:

After completing the installation, keep these instructions for future reference. Before you begin installing this top assembly, read all instructions thoroughly. Below are a few tips to make this installation easier.

For a smooth fit:

For ease in installation, the top should be installed at temperatures above 72° F. Below this temperature, the top may contract an inch or more, making it difficult to fit to the vehicle. It is normal for a top to contract and wrinkle when stored in the shipping carton. Within a few days after the installation, the top will relax and the wrinkles will disappear.

Care and Maintenance of your Bestop Top:

Your top is made of the finest materials available. To keep it looking new and for the maximum possible wear, it will need periodic cleaning and maintenance. 

Washing: The top fabric should be washed often using soap, warm water and a soft bristle brush. Rinse with clear water to remove all traces of soap.

Windows: Keep windows clean to avoid scratching. DO NOT use a brush on the windows! Wash with a watersoaked cloth or sponge and a mild dishwashing detergent. NEVER WIPE THE WINDOWS WHEN THEY ARE DRY. Be careful when cleaning snow or frost from the vinyl windows since they are easily scratched and may crack at low temperatures. DO NOT roll the sides or rear window in cold weather. The windows become stiff and will crack.

Zippers: Keeping the zipper cleaned and lubricated with a silicone lubricant will help prevent damage and keep the zippers in a smooth working condition. If a zipper opens behind the slider, the slider may have been spread apart. This problem can usually be repaired by using an ordinary pair of pliers to bring the sides back into parallel. Return slider to the end of the zipper in the normal Open position. Squeeze lightly at first and test the zipper. If the zipper continues to remain open squeeze more firmly with the pliers and try the zipper again. Repeat this procedure until the zipper operates correctly.

Water: Seeping through at the seams may be stopped by applying 3-M Scotchgard® on the inside of the seams. Rips in the fabric may be repaired with Bondex® iron on patches. Iron the patches to the Inside of the top, carefully following the Bondex® instructions. 

Snaps: Keep snaps cleaned and lubricated with silicone to help prevent snaps from sticking to the studs. If a snap does become stuck to a stud, use a screwdriver and GENTLY pry apart to prevent permanent damage to the snap or the top fabric.