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Activities and vehicle modifications appearing or described at Zuki OffRoad and it’s pages may be potentially dangerous. We do not endorse any such activity for others or recommend it to any particular person – we simply describe the experiences and opinions of other Suzuki Samurai, Suzuki Sidekick, and Geo Tracker owners. If you choose to engage in these activities it is by your own free will and at your own risk. Any and all modifications will likely cause a vehicle to behave differently than stock.  Some modifications may significantly increase your risk when driving the vehicle or be dangerous in some driving situations. Use good judgment when engaging in any activity or making any modifications. Do not take unwise risks.  Consult a certified professional if you are not sure of something.  Zuki OffRoad and the authors of these articles assume no liability for how any particular individual chooses to use the information presented here.  Some of these modifications may void your vehicles warranty.

Samurai / Sidekick Basics

Suzuki Samurai History

Suzuki Samurai Page of Fame

Suzuki Samurai Specs

Known Problems (weak links)

Samurai Troubleshooting Manual (.pdf)

Samurai Service Data Manual (.pdf)

History of Suzuki Sidekick

Samurai / Sidekick Spotters Guide


Samurai Engine Manual (.pdf)

1.6L Engine Conversions

Starter Relay

Carburetor Vent Tube

Distributor Removal

Distributor Oil Leaks

Vacuum Diagrams

Choke Settings

1.6L Engine Bogs Down

1.6L Timing Belt & Sprockets

1.6L 8-Valve Ignition Timing

1.6L 16-Valve Ignition Timing


Samurai Manual Transmission Manual (.pdf)

Samurai Clutch Manual (.pdf)

Sloppy Shifter Fix


Sidekick Front Axle Housing Upgrade

Samurai Front Axle & Removal

Samurai Differential Manual (.pdf)

Samurai Manual Locking Hubs

Transfer Case

Samurai Transfer Case Manual (.pdf)

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case

6.5 Transfer Case Gear Kit Install

Transfer Case Shifter Bushing Replacement

Shifting Your T-Case With A Screwdriver


Suzuki Samurai Driveshafts

Suzuki Equator

2008 Suzuki Equator

2009 Suzuki Equator 4×4 Test Drive

4Wheel & Offroad’s Suzuki Equator

Suzuki Equator Suspension Kits






Samurai Electrical

Samuari Charging System Manual (.pdf)

Samurai Body Electrical Manual (.pdf)

Samurai Cranking System Manual (.pdf)

Samurai Electrical Diagram (.pdf)

Samurai Ignition System Manual (.pdf)

Wiring Diagrams

Samurai Suspension & Steering

Suzuki Samurai Suspension Kits

Suzuki Suspension Components

Spring Over Axle (SOA) Conversion

Suzuki Samurai Suspension Manual (.pdf)

Suzuki Samurai Chassis Dimensions (.pdf)

Suzuki Samurai Chassis Dimensions

1/4 Elliptical Suspension

3/4 Elliptical – Buggy Leaf Suspension

Sidekick / Tracker Suspension

Sidekick / Tracker Solid Axle Swap (SAS)

Sidekick / Tracker Solid Axle Swap – Overview

Sidekick / Tracker / Ford Ranger Coil Spring Ratings

Removing The Front Coil Springs

Lifting Your Sidekick / Tracker With Explorer Springs

Lifting The Rear of Your Tracker With Jeep Coils

Rear Shock Spacer

Sidekick / Tracker / Vitara Shock Options

Longer Struts For Your Sidekick / Tracker

Sidekick / Tracker Strut Spacer

Sidekick / Tracker Strut Removal

Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker Specifications

Geo Tracker Year To Year Changes

Buying A Geo Tracker – What To Look For

Replacing Your 1988-1994 Geo Tracker Soft Top

Replacing Your 1995-1998 Geo Tracker Soft Top

Geo Tracker Electrical

1989-1993 Charging Diagram (.pdf)

1989-1993 Starting Diagram (.pdf)


Samurai Emissions Manual (.pdf)

Suzuki Samurai vs Yamaha Rhino


Suzuki Samurai / Sidekick Recalls

Geo Tracker Recalls

Suzuki Equator Recalls