Shifting Your T-Case With A Screwdriver

Contributed By Derek

Recently I got a call from a guy I built a spoa kit for, and he asked if I’d ever had my transfercase shifter lock up on me. Well, I hadn’t, so I suggested the common things like the shifter sheet and making sure the shiftrails were being oiled.

Then one night about a week later, I had the exact same thing happen to me. Went to shift it out of 4lo, and it dropped into what should be neutral and locked up. I went about everything I could think of till I decided to try to manually shift the rails with a screwdriver. I grabbed a big flathead screwdriver, stuck it down between the forks and twisted in the direction that once shifted, the two notches would be lined up in the center of the bore. It took a little jiggling, but it popped right in. I dropped the shifter back in and it worked flawlessly. I immediately called him up and told him, and got a call the next day that it had worked on his too. Both have been working fine since.

I drew up a picture in paint to help explain.