Sidekick / Tracker Rear Shock Spacer

You’ve probably heard of using the Ford Crown Victoria rear shock to replace your rear factory Sidekick / Tracker shock when adding a 2-inch rear lift.

But what if you’re rear shocks are still good, or you don’t want to use a shock from the heavier Crown Vic? (The crown vic shock may be a better idea after adding bigger tires and to compensate for any other weight you’ve added).

An option is using 2-inch square tubing.

It’s a pretty simple modification:

  • Simply cut the tube to fit the width
  • Drill a hole through both sides
  • Bolt the square tubing up in to the mount
  • Bolt the shock up in to the tubing (You’ll have to cut off some of the shock stem for it to clear the bolt holding the tube to the mount)

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