Suzuki Suspension Components

Spring Perches

Spring perches can be welded to the opposite side of the axle tube from the original perches for a Spring Over Axle Conversion. You will need one pair for each axle

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Leaf Springs

Some companies carry a variety of leaf spring packs for the Suzuki including the longer Jeep YJ springs.

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Heavy duty replacement shackles.

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Missing Link

Trail Tough’s anti-kickback front Missing Link kit allows the use of longer springs, dramatically increasing articulation and ride quality. Their anti-kickback CJ rear Missing Link kit allows the use of CJ front springs on the rear of your Samurai. Simple bolt on. Comes with mounting hardware. They recommend using their shackle kit # SBS-300 with these.

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Jeep Spring Hangers

Companies offer spring hangers to mount longer jeep springs under your Suzuki. The Jeep springs provide a better ride and more articulation.

These springs can also be mounted with a Missing Link setup.

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Front Lower Shock Mounts

Easy to install weld-on front lower shock mounts. Designed to properly space out shock from axle housing to avoid interference from u-bolt plate. Perfect for running longer travel shocks.

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Rear Lower Shock Mounts

Easy to install weld-on rear lower shock mounts. Perfect for running longer travel shocks.

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Ford Shock Towers

These affordable Ford extended upper shock towers allow a Samurai to run longer front shocks. Overall, they provide about 7-1/2″ of extension over factory Samurai shock towers. To install, you would cut off your factory upper shock towers and weld these new ones in place. Bolt hole size from Ford is 7/16″, but this can be easily drilled out for the more common 1/2″. Sold in pairs.

You can find them at Ford: P/N E5TZ18183A

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Low Range Off-Road Shock Hoop

You will have more shock travel then you will ever need with this combo. Kit includes front upper weld-on shock hoops, rear upper bolt-on shock mount, and lower weld-on shock mounts.

With the front upper hoops and front lower mounts you will be able to run up to a 10 longer shock than using factory mounts. No geometry changes are made, and no fender well cutting is necessary. These allow the use of eye style shocks, and they just plain look trick! Constructed from 1″ .120″ wall ERW tubing, and self-aligning.

The rear upper shock mount allows the customer the choice of 3 positions of shock placement, giving anyone the position they will need. 100% bolt on, laser cut solid steel construction, perfect for SPOA vehicles needing longer shocks to maximize travel. Note: if you run a modified exhaust system, this mount may interfere as it hangs down about 2″ lower that the stock mounts.

These lower shock mounts are perfect for the those looking to maximize shock length on there Samurai. Constructed of 3/16ths thick laser cut steel plate and CNC machined shock studs. Stud fits the most common 5/8ths eye style shock bushing. The mounts do not hang below axle avoiding any ground clearance issues.

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Spidertrax Rear Shock Bar

By far the most advanced rear upper shock mount on the market. This bolt-on upper shock mount is made from billet 6061T6 material and precision CNC machined. With its box type webbed design, this mount is practically indestructible. The shock center to center dimensions are 4″ & 7″ which allows for more shock travel with selectable adjustability. A center mounted hole is also part of this mount allowing for the addition of a limiting strap if needed. The mount is double anodized dark blue and comes with all hardware to install both the mount and the upper portion of the shocks

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Shackle Reversal Kit

Designed to eliminate the poor driving characteristics that are prevalent in all short wheel base leaf sprung vehicles including the Suzuki Samurai. No longer will you have that jarring, wandering, unsafe feeling after you have installed the shackle reversal system on your vehicle. Simply by moving the front leaf spring shackle to the rear of the same spring creates amazing results in the drivability which is directly transferred to the driver and felt by all. The shackle reversal system is designed to create a safer driving vehicle under all conditions but especially during extreme driving conditions.
Comes with high quality urethane bushings for your new shackle to further enhance the handling and ride quality of your Suzuki Samurai.

All brackets are manufactured from high quality steel, heat treated for increased strength, and jig welded for ease of installation. This kit produces a customized system that will enhance the vehicles ride characteristics both on and off-road.

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Spidertrax Panhard Kit

A “must have” for every spring over axle suspension. The Spidertrax Panhard Kit is a bolt-on product that provides lateral stability for your front Samurai axle. This will eliminate the common effects of the spring over axle suspension such as axle wobble at critical speeds and loss in steering radius. Best of all, it improves offroad performance. Many people have said that with this kit installed, their Samurai handles as tight as a race car.

In addition to providing lateral stability, the Spidertrax Panhard Kit has integrated bumpstop mounts into the u-bolt plates provided. Now the front OEM bumpstops can be used to control axle articulation. The Spidertrax Panhard Kit only works with SPOA suspensions using factory style u-bolts. Both 2″ and 2.5″ wide springs fit this kit.

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Spidertrax Anti-Wrap Kit

Spidertrax is proud to introduce a fix for one of the most common problems with a SPOA Samurai suspension. The Spidertrax Anti-Wrap Kit (ANW-001) is designed to completely eliminate the effects of rear axle wrap, making s-kinked springs history. In addition, adding the Spidertrax Anti-Wrap Kit icreases effective traction!

The unique design of this kit places the lower link mount on the underside of the rear axle. The dynamics of this setup not only properly eliminates axle wrap but allows for proper motion of the suspension without binding.

What sets this design aside from the rest? Ladder-bar designs can cause severe suspension bind and can even twist the axle housing. Top axle mounted traction bar designs can actually induce axle wrap and also cause increased squatting under acceleration. The Spidertrax Anti-Wrap Kits simple and effective design make it an ideal modification for any Samurai SPOA suspension. Please note that due to the necessary location of the anti-wrap cross member, the Spidertrax Anti-Wrap Kit is not compatible with the Spidertrax E-Brake Kit (part #: EBR-001).

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Traction Bar

Completely bolt-on kit helps eliminate unwanted and destructive axle wrap. Designed after the only proven to work 3 point system, the new kit will provide much needed traction and prolong the life of your rear leaf springs. If you like to drive hard regularly and twist, bend, break, or just generally abuse your springs, these need to be on your list. Built with laser cut 1/4″ thick laser bracketry, .120 wall ERW tubing and square tubing is .185 wall. Bolts to axle by using all factory bolts around the 3rd member and a single u-bolt around the axle tube for a solid mount. The upper frame mount is designed to be bolted between the frame rails which allows for adjustability for various lift combo’s. This traction bar kit is primarily designed for SPOA Samurai’s with soft flexy springs to prevent axle wrap while still allowing maximum articulation. Includes poly bushings. Comes with mounting hardware.

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Driveshaft Spacer

Adding lift to your Samurai usually over extends the slip yokes on the drive shafts. The easiest and most cost effective fix is adding a drive shaft spacer. Doing so avoids the hassles of making a new drive shaft, which is not only difficult but expensive. The spacer works by attaching between drive shaft flanges

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