Chunks’ 1991 Geo Tracker

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This 1991 Geo Tracker was found online for sale by Grant (Chunk) Peterson.

The first thing that catches your eye is the aggressive look and large tires. There’s something about the look of a stock Tracker that makes it look to much like a car, and very little like an off-road vehicle. However, this Tracker definitely looks like it’s been built for off-road.

The lack of any serious suspension kits makes it difficult to gain enough lift for big tires. If you can’t lift the body to clear the tires, then cut the body to fit the tires. Not only does this give you clearance for the tires (which themselves will help get your axles and rig higher off the ground), but it helps keep your center of gravity low. Remember that the higher you get your center of gravity, the more you increase your chances of rolling over.

See the specs for this rig at the bottom of this page.


Type : 1.6 8-Valve, Thorley header, through 2 inch


5-Speed – 4.23 to 1 Calmini T-case


Front : 4-Door coils

Rear: 4-Door coils

Axles / Differentials

Front : Hybrid 7.5, lockrite, Toyota CV conversion

Rear: Stock welded

Gear Ratio: 5.12

Wheels & Tires:

Wheels : American racing 727 15×10

Tires: 37-Inch Goodyear MTRs

Other Mods:

Full cage, 4-Inch body chop



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